Foundation For Peripheral Neuropathy​ Australia

The primary aim of the Foundation For Peripheral ​Neuropathy Australia is to provide fellow sufferers with a support system, to make the public aware of  this debilitating and dreaded disease and to try and raise funds  for research purposes. Input from fellow sufferers as well as from Neurologists worldwide would be welcomed  .A small financial contribution on a monthly or yearly basis would be greatly appreciated to help our cause .Please email [email protected] and I will list your story onto the website under  "My story" Please tell us about your diagnosis, your condition ,your treatment plan and hopefully we can all gain some knowledge and benefits about causes and treatments of this dreaded disease ,the use of different medications and alternative forms of treatments .

The Foundation For Peripheral Neuropathy Australia will try and assist fellow sufferers , guide them wherever possible , get expert opinions from top Neurologists around the world and offer group discussions. Please don't hesitate to make use of the blog ,asking questions and requesting answers from fellow sufferers and Neurologists .

We need your support .Please donate generously .